10 Fashionable Ways to Wear a Pleated Skirt

Fashion is a reflection of your personality and attitude. It is not about what you are wearing; it is about how you carry it. There are many Retro fashions that are coming back. Old school fashion is ready to rock the floor again. The pleated skirt is one of them. It feels great to wear a vintage mid-length pleated skirt. If you too are a retro fashion lover and a pleated skirt is a weakness for you, then you have reached the right place. Choose any type of pleated skirt as per your choice from online now!

Metallic pleated skirt

A skirt will give you a nice, elegant yet fashionable look. Especially when you are wearing a pleated skirt, now flaunt your smartness with a metallic pleated skirt. Your street smartness will be vivid by wearing this. Wear a white blouse with it. A metallic skirt with a white top is a great combination. If you have long hair, make a ponytail, and if you have short hair, keep it open. Wear a pointed heel; this will just add to your glam factor. All in all, a metallic skirt will not only let you be what you are but also will increase your glam factor manifold.

Black and white pleated skirt

Black and white pleated skirt is always fashion in. You can wear any type of bold color top like yellow, red, or coral. Just break the monotonous look with this outfit. Keep your hair open. Bring a sling bag and wear black sunglasses. Finish your look with a black pump and make everyone jealous. Black and white always go hand in hand as we know, and wearing a pleated skirt with that color combination is just killing.

Pleated skirt with a crop top

Like the skirt, the crop top is an all-time favorite for all the girls. It’s a great combination of crop top and pleated skirt. Get ready to rock the party. Multiple women are there who prefer a minimalist style. Crop top with pleated skirt perfect example for this. It gives you a vibrant look. You can put on a neon-colored top and a black pump. Believe me, no one can stop you, and it will give you the best look and confidence you need.

Red pleated skirt

Black and red is always a steady combination. Most of the women’s favorite. Choose a red pleated skirt with the black noodle strap top. Curl your hair, wear wedges, and carry a handbag that will provide you a gorgeous and confident look.

Golden pleated skirt 

Is your birthday coming? Want to look different from others? A golden pleated skirt with a black high neck top is a great combination. Wear a shrug or oversized coat that will complete this look. This combination is not all-time wear, but if you wear it at a parity o boy, you’re going to grab as many eyeballs as you can think off.

Formal pleated skirt

Are you bored with formal pants and shirts? Want to wear something different from others?? A formal pleated skirt will provide you corporate look. Try a box pleated skirt. It will break the monotony. Box pleated skirt will give you an elegant yet decent look. Wear a crisp white shirt. Carry a leather bag and wear nude pumps. It’s a complete presentation, and it lets you have all the confidence in the world.

Pleated maxi skirt

Are you a fan of the maxi skirt? During summer, it looks so casual yet classy. It not only provides you a great look but also it is comfortable too. Wear a simple white tank top or crop top also will do. Put on converse shoes with it to complete the look.

Floral pleated midi skirt

Do you want to wear something of vintage style or from an old school style? A floral print midi skirt will give you a vibrant look. Put on a black belt over it. Wear a black top and keep it simple. Tuck the top and make a messy bun. Wear neutral makeup. Wear golden or silver earrings. Ankle strap sandals or kitten heels will be the perfect combination to go for here.

Purple pleated skirt with a striped shrug

Wearing a pencil skirt with a blazer is obviously a style statement. But if you wear purple with a matching t-shirt and an oversized black and white striped shrug is just wow. This combination is for next-level fashion genius. Black is the common favorite color for all the girls. Skip the black dress for this time and adopt a fresh look. Try this fashionable outfit. Use white accessories with this dress. Wear ankle boot white purse. Try a street look, and when you go on the road, you make heads turn and eyes rolling with this look.

Wear a denim jacket with a pleated skirt

A denim jacket is one of the essential items in women’s wardrobe. Wear a pleated skirt along with a blue denim jacket. It will give you a fresh look. The good part is it looks very casual, and you do not have to give much effort to carry it. A simple t-shirt with a denim jacket and striped pleated skirt will do the trick for you.

Varying styles of pleated skirts are available in the market. It is important that you must consider the given tips above. There are lots of ways that you can pull off a pleated skirt. You can mix and match it with your favourite tops. Just add some accessories and pair it with a comfy shoes. You are simply free to style it and craft your own combo.  The essential thing is that you must enjoy and be confident to wear it. If you are on the hunt for a fashionable fitted skirt, you can shop online. If you are looking for a trending skirt, you may visit Yishion clothes. It’s a good site or else you may visit other site to find the best fashionable or trending website.