Best Virtual Terrarium Workshops Singapore

With its most unique Virtual gaming activities, the Terrarium Workshop Singapore is all set and here for you to express your creativity in a fun and eco-friendly way!

The Fun Empire’s Virtual Terrarium experience is perfect for friends, family, and colleagues and the amazing workshops are ideal for team building, office parties, or corporate events. Through our unique and fun terrarium workshops, you will be able to promote teamwork, patience, and concentration among your team members, while playing your part for the environment.

What Makes our Terrarium Workshops the Best-

Coming up for the advantages provided by the workshops, there are numerous of them.

  1. Therapeutic- Virtual Terrarium allows participants to relieve stress, relax their mind and focus on their own experience from the comfort of their own home. Building their very own terrarium with their teams virtually promotes creativity in individuals and keep their creative juices flowing
  2. Bonding- The Funempire Virtual Terrarium workshop is a fun and unique way to keep everyone close and team morale high. Take this as an opportunity to bond with your colleagues in a fun and relaxed environment as you contribute ideas and share inspiration on building your very own mini garden!
  3. Inclusivity- It can accommodate small groups to an unlimited number of pax at the same time! And also provide an excellent opportunity for participants to take a break from all the hierarchy and seriousness of the office.
  4. Quality assurance- Won multiple awards such as Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia, Brands for Good Champion, and Spirit of Enterprise. The ONLY Events Company in Asia that attained ISO 9001 & BizSafe Level 3 Certifications.

Epic Concept

All the workshop activities and programs are handcrafted with passion by a Virtual team of in-house experts who have over 10 years of experience creating unique concepts. Since they are vertically integrated – ideation, game development, testing, procurement, and maintenance processes are all done in-house. This enables delivering high-quality experiences at affordable prices straight to the users.