Bring Your Bike-Riding Skills to the Ultimate Level

If you love motorbikes and consider yourself a serious rider, you need the Mr. Racing 250 made by Rieju. The company makes two different bikes for people who take their bike-riding skills seriously: the Mr. Racing 250cc and the Mr. Racing 300cc bikes.

They use top-notch components from companies such as FMF, Nissin, Keihin, and others so that you get everything the big boys get when they are devoted to the art of motorbike riding. This great Enduro bike also comes at a price you can’t ignore at just a tad under $14,000. This means that you can get a serious bike for a not-so-serious price any time you like.

Many Features for You to Enjoy

Best of all, the Rieju Mr. Racing 250 bike has features that appeal to every serious rider, including:

  • 46mm inverted forks
  • 4cc capacity
  • 260mm front disc
  • Electric start
  • KYB suspension
  • Power that is user-friendly
  • Lower seat height than most

In addition to these features, the Mr. Racing 250 has a kickstart backup that complements your electric start, which provides you with reliable power and consistency every time you ride. While Rieju is still committed to offering the Spanish Endura bike, this 250cc bike offers stability, ease of use, and, most importantly, a lot of fun every time you get on the road!

The 2022 models of these bikes offer perks such as two-stroke engines, frames, and basic chassis, but they have added a few extras that they know consumers will want. Newer extras include an engine that is a little more docile, a softer suspension setting, and a seat height that is even lower than before. In fact, the seat is roughly 20mm lower, which increases both comfort and confidence when riding, and you also get an adjustable suspension linkage arm with it for an even better overall ride.

Little Extras Make a Big Difference

In addition to the perks already mentioned, the Mr. Racing 250 bike offers:

  • New graphics
  • Side stand screw
  • New kickstarter
  • New ignition map
  • Cylinder head braces
  • Adjustable rear linkage (+7mm/-31mm)

The bike also comes with a new footrest set, a carburation set-up kit, and a new silencer. Indeed, it has a lot of the perks that make this bike great for both novice riders, serious riders, and everyone in between.

If you want a bike that will push your limits and allow you to set your sights high, this is it. It is worth checking out when you’re in the market for a new motorbike, and it should definitely be on your short list regardless of what you’re looking for!