Forcing Your Buddy to Do a Shot

! Seriously, man. Just do one. We’re all doing one here. Hey. Hey, Tommmy, get him a shot. Yeah, one more over here please. Do it! Do it! Do it! WOOOOOH. We’re getting hammid tonight, kid! Haha, you’re gonna be sooo shitcanned for work tomorrow. You driving kid? Fack it. Just do it ya pussy. Here, get me another one.”

Look friend, I’m grateful that this little impromptu bonding ritual means enough to you to forecfully include me in it against my will. What else are friends for if not for peer pressuring eachother into doing shit they don’t want to (get married, buy a house, have kids, watch their shitty band etc…). But what part of making a grown man sick or wasted beyond his regular drinking capacity is it that appeals to you? You’re going to forget whether or not I did it .5 seconds after I do anyway. I know it was funny that one time when Jeff passed out and we put funny stuff on his head, but that was like over a decade ago now. You’re a lawyer for fuck’s sake. Should I just throw this shit over my shoulder to get you to shut up?

Fine, fuck it. Gimme the shot, I aint a pussy like Jeff. He’s not even drinking tonight!