Strength Training Helps Older Women Live Better

Many older women question the benefits of strength training exercise possibly because they lack the knowledge of the major benefits that this form of exercise could provide them.

Many women over the age of 30 don’t really think about getting older until they get closer to age 50 when subtle changes start happening that alert them to the fact that they are showing signs getting older.

Starting at around age 30 approximately 3 kilos of lean muscle mass will be lost during each decade of life. This loss used to be blamed on the aging process, but research on has now proven that it is the result of a sedentary lifestyle and lack of vigorous physical activity. This loss of muscle mass leads to weakness, frailty and increased risk of life threatening diseases. Regular exercise is needed to keep the immune system strong and healthy.

It is recommended that all older women (this means any woman over the age of 30) should engage in regular strength training at least twice per week to preserve and protect lean muscle tissue.

It doesn’t matter if you’re 30 years old or 70 years old. If you don’t work at keeping your lean muscle tissue, you will lose it along with your strength and ultimately your independence.

Along with the muscle toning effect, strength training also strengthens bones, joints, tendons and ligaments while helping to prevent accidents, injuries, and sickness. Strong muscles can help prevent you from a nasty fall, and if you do fall strong and firm muscle tissue is padding around joints and bones to help protect them from injury.

Strength training increases metabolic rate by up to 15% which is crucial for body fat loss and long term weight control. Without the correct exercise program a woman will lose about 5 percent of her metabolic rate (the rate the body burns fuel) every decade. As the metabolic rate slows it leads to less energy, vitality and less desire to be active. This is the start of the downward spiral of accelerated aging. Don’t do less, do more to stop it all sliding away. Now is a good time to take charge and increase your exercise and activity level which is what tells every cell in your body to grow. Sitting around and a sedentary life tells the body to wind down and decay.

A proper strength training program must be included and performed a minimum of twice per week working the major muscle groups at the correct intensity level. This is the fastest most effective way to reverse these unacceptable changes. Don’t think of it as an option, it isn’t. It is a necessary part of our lives if we want to remain fit and healthy.

The time you spend working to improve overall health and fitness a few days a week in the form of strength training will benefit you in many positive ways in every aspect of your life in the years to come. Just bite the bullet and get started right away, before it’s too late.