The Facts Behind Why Muay Thai Is Number One In The Fight Game

Muay Thai, Thailand’s national sport, is a century-old martial art that evolved from a sort of hand-to-hand fighting utilized by the country’s founding army. The fists, elbows, knees, and shins are utilized to substitute dropped weapons on the battlegrounds, earning it the nickname “the art of eight limbs.” And if that isn’t enough to get, you’re a little bit interested, here’s a bit more meat to the bone to get your juices flowing;

Going from strength to strength

While Thailand was at war with its neighbors, men from all walks of life learned the art, which was later recognized as a national sport by the king around 1600. There were no rules, no safety gear, and no scheduled rounds back then, so the sport looked drastically different to what you see today.  Thai boxing, on the other hand, has become sanctioned and deemed to be a safe sport since the 1930s, it has continued to grow in popularity as more people see it as the greatest martial art available.

The reasons behind its success

Whilst many sports and or forms of martial art have strayed away from their heritage, Muay Thai in Reading is one of the only forms of self-defense that has stayed as close to its original form as possible, you can be sure to benefit from the following;

  • Muay Thai hasn’t lost its originality so there is still a lot of heritage to soak up
  • Because it is such a brutal sport, it instills respect in you. Any sign of underestimating its power, in sparing or, in a fight will quickly remind any fighter of exactly where they are, or not.
  • People have likened various aspects of the training and, even the fighting to that of mediation. Most commonly due to the increased need of a near perfect breathing technique, similar to running a long-distance run, many a runner says the same thing.
  • It’s a raw, effective striking system is like no other, when practiced with skill, nothing comes close to its devastating effects.
  • From day one, even if you want to stand at the edge of the dance floor, tough luck. You’re thrown straight into the deep end of the pool.
  • There will always be something new to learn.
  • Desire to work and develop can be enough to produce success.

Taking you back to your hunter gatherer, killer instinct

Muay Thai brings you into, and embraces you as part of a warrior culture, when it’s fight time, it’s time for war.