Things that a holster should have and what should be avoided when making a purchase


Firearms have become very expensive investments. We carry our firearms for protection and for some people, the nature of their job requires that they carry a firearm. Many people end up making the mistake of buying high-quality firearms but compromising the quality of 1911 holsters. It is very important to always know that, your firearms are as good as the holster that is used in carrying them. When you choose a bad holster, you won’t protect your firearm from getting lost, from going off, and from attracting unnecessary attention. Although, indeed, you do not want to feel broke after buying firearms and a holster at the same time, it is very important to consider investing in a holster that will not only keep your firearm safe but also one that will last you for long

Qualities of a good holsters

Before you decide on choosing whichever holster comes your way, you should consider looking at the characteristics that make a holster suitable for you. A good holster will fit your gun, it will make sure that the trigger guard is protected, it will keep your firearms safe, it will maintain the gun position, and safeguard it from the eyes of the enemy. When you are looking for the best holster, there are certain important things that you should always consider. Here are some of them

  • The safety of the holster

The first important thing to always consider when you are buying your holster is its safety. All holsters regardless of their material should include things such as covering the trigger and the trigger guard completely, you should be able to jump up, run, and do all the activities that you are supposed to do without fearing that your gun will go off. When it is time to run from an attack, you want to be sure that your firearms will not drop to the ground just because you did not carry or buy the best gun holster.

  • What should be avoided when choosing a gun holster

Many things should always be avoided when you are choosing a gun holster. If possible, you should try to stay away from holster materials that will wear out. This is very important because when a holster begins to wear out, there are chances that it will lose its shape. Apart from that, the worn-out material may come in contact with the trigger and this will make your gun go off. The last thing that you would want to happen is accidents that you didn’t expect.

Holsters that must be activated for them to release the firearm. This is another type of holster that should always be avoided at all costs. When you are in danger, you will be needing a holster that will make your gun drawing easy. If a holster cant does that for you, look for a better one such as leather holsters.