Understanding How Stairlifts Are Installed

Some homeowners are concerned that the lift will be built against the wall of their stairwell and that their wall may not withstand the lift. This is a needless worry because the rails are fastened to the treads of the steps by legs that are placed about a meter apart from themselves. The legs of the lift are fastened to the stair treads with screws.

Do Stairlifts Have to Go Against Walls?

It is not necessary to put a stairlift across a wall; rather, it can be installed along a railing or even in circumstances where there is no railing. During your appointment, the stairlift location will be chosen, and one side may be preferable to the other, depending on your needs.

The following is an excellent example of how installation might work. If you want to park the lift around a corner, the intended resting spots will define which side of the lift will operate.

Other factors to consider while deciding where to place your local stairlifts in Gloucester will include the location of doorways, walkways, and any other impediments that may make it difficult for the user to get on and off of the seat.

Can I Install the Lift Myself?

Some individuals purchasing a lift may question if they have the option of doing their own installation. We have to say this is not encouraged by any reputable stairlift company. Our factory-trained experts will ensure your safety during the installation process. Furthermore, you will not be responsible for any future charges that may arise due to an erroneous installation.